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LOT 41


LOT 41


Planning Permit PL10/021704

issued by Manningham City Council

This well proportioned Lot of 4519sqm, set in an elevated position rising from Rush Place, will provide a grand entrance to your new home in the north/east area of the allotment.

Significant trees, original to the property, have been retained which adds to the uniqueness of the site.

You will be able to place a grand house on the Lot, step out in the morning to take-in the fresh eucalyptus air, spend relaxing time in and around the courtyard and pool area with family and friends, with still plenty of healthy space for the children where to run and explore.

Available on request:

Manningham City Council Planning Permit PL10/021704, including:


(Please note this is general information. You need to refer to the Section 32 Vendors Statement).

Lot 41

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